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04. Personal Injury
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

If you are not involved in an accident, you can probably never imagine how it may change your course of life. No one understands how frustrated you are, but we do. You may be surprised by costly medical bills, and perplexed insurance forms. You have to deal with constant pain and suffering, simultaneously, with financial distress from loss of income.


At Alpha Law, we represent the injured victims in the most vulnerable communities of New York City and Long Island. Most of those victims are the only income resources of their families. An experienced personal injury attorney will take care of the legal proceeding and negotiate for a fair settlement. Your compensation is not only limited to the medical expenses and the lost wages from the missing time of your work. We can advise you on additional damages, such as pain and suffering, and future medical expenses that you or even some non-personal injury lawyers may not be familiar with.


Our firm is equipped with all experienced attorneys rated by Superlawyers®. We have intensive experience representing injured victims as pedestrians, drivers, delivery men, construction workers, sanitation workers, etc. We also have represented people falling on sidewalks against the city and other municipalities due to pavement defects or improper snow removals.


We will hold your hand and navigate this with you and your family. Call (646)885-7528 and speak with experienced personal injury lawyers now.   




· Motor Vehicle Accidents

· Trip and fall on the Sidewalks

· Bus/ Truck Accidents

· Bicycle Accidents

· Construction accidents and Labor Law

· Slip and fall inside Buildings

· Workplace accidents

· Child injuries

· Birth injuries

· Cancer misdiagnosis

· Wrongful death

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